The Importance Of Truck Accident Reconstructions

The outcomes of truck accidents can be devastating, ranging from death to severe injuries. Such crashes are highly dangerous. When you want to file insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits, you have to gather proof to build a very strong case. 

One of the best ways to gain the proof you need is to use the service of accident reconstruction specialists. Truck accident attorneys in Philadelphia explain the impact this has on your case below. 

Understanding Accident Reconstruction 

We can define accident reconstruction as being a process through which accident information is gathered and then scientifically analyzed, with the purpose of determining the cause. The process offers very important data to explain all factors that were accident contributions, the circumstances of the accident, and ways in which prevention could have become reality. 

With the help of accident reconstruction specialists, lawyers can determine several important accident aspects, like:

  • Vehicle position, speed, and time during accidents. 
  • The cause of the accident.
  • The way in which human factors ended up impacting the collision. 
  • Point of impact speed. 
  • Force directions.
  • Travel direction.
  • Exactly when vehicles decelerated and accelerated.

How Is Accident Reconstruction Done?

The accident reconstruction expert will gather important data about the truck collision. After being hired, the first step is to go to the scene, whenever this is still possible. This helps gather fresh, important evidence, like skid mark photographs and vehicle damage. When accident proof does not exist at the scene anymore, the expert reviews all available pictures and vehicle damages. After that, all the data gathered is used in a simulation model or accident reconstruction software for accident analysis purposes. 

The expert is going to take several variables into account. The most common ones are:

  • Vehicle weights
  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Braking information
  • Steering information
  • Weather conditions
  • Travel direction
  • Road conditions
  • Surfaces traveled on

The software will produce vehicle trajectories and time histories. Various experiments are conducted. They vary speeds, travel angles, and extra data in order to have a simulation that perfectly matches the gathered physical evidence. 

Experts use crash data based on crash tests conducted by the NHTSA. Vehicle damage profiles are created in order to make a comparison between crashed vehicles and pictures. Accident reconstruction experts can only use accurate information so that the simulation is accurate. Measurements are usually made by the police officer that arrived at the scene or a trucking company investigator. 

The Importance Of Proving Negligence

The at-fault party is considered to be responsible for caused damages during motor vehicle collisions. However, before compensation can be recovered, the injured party needs to prove fault and negligence. 

Oftentimes, negligence is proven by simply showing that the party at fault was involved in negligent behavior, like:

  • Distraction
  • Speeding
  • Alcohol impairment
  • Drug impairment
  • Medication impairment
  • Not respecting right-of-way
  • Close following
  • Not following traffic rules

The personal injury attorney who is specialized in dealing with truck accidents will help you to prove negligence. They will do all that is legally possible to recover compensation during the accident claim process. To do that, the accident reconstruction can become pivotal, especially if other parties involve fight the claim.