Functions of Notary Law Firms to Customers

Have you been wondering what law firms’ functions are when it comes to discharging notarial services to the public? This article will shed more light on the roles and duties of the public and private customers in the United Kingdom. To know better, you can read reviews about notaries.

Before reading about the functions of the notary public uk or law firms that offer the notarial service, it is important to know who a typical notary official is. By profession, a notary public UK is a qualified lawyer appointed by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the UK. Although notaries perform some similar roles to that of solicitors, they are, however, different. One of the differences is that the notaries adhere to the rules set by the Master of Faculties. is a reliable online review platform that will help you gather more information about different law firms that offer notarial services and perform these functions well. Since information is power, we must keep you abreast of the roles and duties of notaries in the uk to help you streamline your expectations within their functions. Here are a few of their functions to customers: –

1.   Authentication and Certification of Signatures

One of the main functions that notaries in the uk offer to the customers are the authentication and certification of signatures. These law firms’ role is to ensure that they include the notarial service of verifying the authenticity of signatures on any document or contract you wish to use both in the country and abroad.

2.   Management of documents for foreign use

The primary role of notaries is to ensure that all documents are verified and duly used for foreign use. Therefore, they perform the function of certifying, verifying, and attesting essential documents and signatures that will hasten the process. They also provide certified copies of documents like passports, exam certificates, and other legal documents that require notary stamps for foreign usage.

3.   Acting as Commissioners for Oaths

Another vital function that some uk notary law firms perform is that they act as commissioners for oaths and statutory declarations in some cases. However, this function is peculiar to some notary firms as not all of them perform this service.

4.   Acting as Solicitors

As mentioned above, notaries may decide to act as solicitors in some instances; however, their roles are different. Notaries may act as solicitors, but solicitors without proper certifications and training cannot act in the capacity of notaries in the uk.

5.   The practice of General Law

Another function of notaries in some cases is that they are allowed to practice general law. However, this practice does not include the conduct of the usual court proceedings. In essence, apart from practising as Commissioners for Oaths, they may also engage in legal practice, including probate and conveyancing.

6.   Preparation of wills

Another significant function that notary law firms in the uk may help you with is the preparation of vital documents like wills. They also prepare and validate contracts, deeds, attorney power, and other essential legal documents.

7.   Witness provision

Although some notary law firms do not perform this function of witness provision, however, others do. They perform this significant role of providing witnesses for signatures of essential legal documents. These documents include affidavits, power of attorney, contracts, deeds, amongst others.


Now that you understand some of the significant roles of a notary law firm in the uk, you also need to know that these services are only provided by a registered and certified notary law firm that is a registered member of the Faculty Office.