Natural Stone for Interior and Exterior Decoration

Natural stone is a material for decorating walls, floors, and even as decoration, which is very beautiful and luxurious and always gives a natural impression to the property. Talking about interior and exterior decoration, natural stone will always be the first idea in the minds of architects because of its splendor and beauty, you can get the best natural stone and can consult with a professional Sukabumi Stone Brazil to make it easier for you to decide on choosing a natural stone that is suitable for your needs. interior and exterior decoration of your property.

Natural stone is often placed on walls. The concept of presenting a natural and luxurious design to a property can be done in various ways, such as adding a pool or garden to the house and so on. If you want to add a pool to your house, natural stone is also the right choice for the pool material.

The natural stone itself also has many types. Some examples of types of natural stone include natural andesite stone, temple stone, marble stone, and so on. Apart from the type of natural stone, when applying natural stone as home accessories several things must be considered. Some main tips for applying Natural Stone Wall designs include:

Pay attention to the size of the stone

Before applying Natural Stone Walls, think about the size, because from this size you determine the beauty and harmony of the wall when installing it. Adjust the size of the stone according to the size of the walls of your house.

Pay attention to the stone installation pattern

After paying attention and determining the size of the Natural Stone Wall, you must determine the stone installation pattern. When determining the installation pattern, of course, you have to pay attention to the size of the stones so that they match the theme you want.

Pay attention to the type of stone

You should pay attention to the types of natural stone walls. Choose the type of stone that suits your theme, or that is suitable as interior or exterior decoration for your property. For walls, the types of stone that you can use are adhesive brick and marble. Adhesive-type natural stone walls have several conveniences, namely that they are very easy to maintain so they remain beautiful, then marble stone has a luxurious, elegant, and cool impression.

Pay attention to stone installation

The last thing you have to pay attention to is installing natural stone for walls, which requires quality adhesive glue, not only that, the shape and size of the natural stone must be suitable and fitting. Once again, you can entrust choosing natural stone to the professional Sukabumi Stone Supplier so that you get maximum decoration for your property.

Natural stone is very Eco-friendly because it does not contain chemicals mixed in during the excavation or fabrication process. The properties of this stone are still pure, and it does not contain substances that are harmful to the environment and your health.

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