How Can You Prove Fault In Car Accident Cases?

Whenever an injury happens and it is possible to file an injury case, what is particularly important is to figure out and prove fault. Usually, this is all about negligence.

Fortunately, in most cases, fault is very easy to prove. You just need to show that some laws were violated. However, in others, things are quite complicated and you need to hire a good Indianapolis car accident attorney who is capable of building a very strong case for you. That is because you will need to prove fault, which is so much more difficult than you might think with more complex cases. To highlight this, here are some ways in which fault can be proven in car accident cases.

Police Reports

After car accidents, there are police officers that come to investigate the scene. This is especially true when a person was injured. In the event that the officer comes, a written report is drafted. You need this to prove the fault of the third party.

The information written inside the police reports will be very valuable for your case. This is especially the case when looking at negotiating with insurance companies. Although the reports will not be admissible in a trial, they give you the leverage you often need to obtain a higher settlement.

State Traffic Laws

These are rules that have to be respected by absolutely all drivers. Breaking them automatically puts a vehicle driver at fault for the accident.

A very easy way to prove fault is to show that these laws were broken. This can be done with the use of countless types of evidence, ranging from videos to eyewitness statements. For instance, if someone is speeding and this reckless behavior leads to a crash, fault is established.

No Doubt Liability

There are some accidents in which fault is automatic in almost all situations. Insurance companies will find it very difficult to argue and will want to settle faster. 2 examples of such cases include:

  • Rear-End Collisions – It is very rare that the fault is not of the person hitting the car in front.
  • Left-Turn Accidents – The car that makes the left turn is often liable when in a collision with the car coming from the other direction. All exceptions to the rule are very difficult to prove and quite rare.

Witness Statements

As long as the eyewitness is credible, having one share their recollection of what happened can be a great way to prove fault in a car accident. Your attorneys can easily use statements from eyewitnesses to show what happened. But, keep in mind it will be more difficult if you try to do it alone.

Final Thoughts

The options highlighted above are just some available for you when you want to prove in a car accident. However, several other options are available. It is very important that you work with a car accident attorney in order to find all the proof possible to build a strong injury claim. Sometimes, this will be easy to do. In other cases, it will be difficult.